Glosario para músicos y ingenieros de sonido – Español / Ingles

Esto es para los músicos que trabajan y los ingenieros de sonido. muchas de estas palabras no son fáciles de encontrar en los diccionarios. Por favor, aportar o proponer las adiciones o correcciones. ¡Gracias Espanol – Ingles a tono = in tune acento m. = accent acople, acoples m = … Continue reading

Musician & Sound Engineer Glossary – English / Spanish

This is for working musicians and sound engineers. many of these words are not easy to find in dictionaries. Please contribute or suggest any additions or corrections . accent = acento m. accidental = alteración f. amplifier = amplificador m. bar = compas m bar line = barra, linea divisoria … Continue reading

“Wave” as a blues. Reverse engineering Jobim’s classic.

Part One This is intended as a method of soloing over “Wave” by approaching it as a jazz blues instead of as a series of unrelated chords! For any instrument, not just bass! I played Jobim’s “Wave” many times before I realised that the A section is a jazz blues … Continue reading

Sam Mitchell

  Sam Mitchell “The Art of Bottleneck Guitar” Guitar Artistry 1997, recorded 1978 Kicking Mule A compilation of two Sam Mitchell albums, featuring Charlie Musselwhite. Sam is one of the best acoustic and electric bottleneck players I have ever heard. Also a mean blues mandolin player. For a while we … Continue reading

Elkie Brooks “Two Days Away”

1976 – Elkie Brooks – “Two Days Away”  One of my favourite albums. Working with producers Lieber & Stoller was a privilege and a pleasure. Ditto for Trevor Morais, one of my favourite drummers This album included “Pearl’s A Singer” and “Sunshine After The Rain” which were major UK hits. … Continue reading

Arthur Brown “Dance”

Arthur was always fun to work with. Drummer Charlie Charles , percussionist Eddie Edwards  and vocalist Aliki Ashman from Casablanca also played on the album. This album has been reissued  as a CD in Europe .I don’t think the CD was released. I think it escaped and went into hiding, … Continue reading

Marianne Faithfull “Broken English”

Marianne Faithfull “Broken English” Island 1979 This 1979 album has sold millions to date and is gold & platinum in a few countries. The band, consisting of Barry Reynolds, Joe Mavety, Terry Stannard & myself, had considerable musical input on this album. Marianne was kind enough to give us writing … Continue reading