Play something original from your heart!

Youtube is swamped with videos of bassists playing along with recordings. Most of the performances are very good, meticulously copying the original bass parts, But why? Who is this meant to impress but other bassists? I started playing professionally over 50 years ago and had what I regard as a … Continue reading

Marianne Faithfull

I played on Marianne´s ¨Broken English¨ album and also the follow up, ¨Dangerous Acquaintances¨. Broken English, recorded in 1979, has sold millions to date and is gold & platinum in a few countries. The band, consisting of Barry Reynolds, Joe Mavety, Terry Stannard & myself, had considerable musical input on … Continue reading

Glosario para músicos y ingenieros de sonido – Español / Ingles

Esto es para los músicos que trabajan y los ingenieros de sonido. muchas de estas palabras no son fáciles de encontrar en los diccionarios. Por favor, aportar o proponer las adiciones o correcciones. ¡Gracias Espanol – Ingles a tono = in tune acento m. = accent acople, acoples m = … Continue reading

Musician & Sound Engineer Glossary – English / Spanish

This is for working musicians and sound engineers. many of these words are not easy to find in dictionaries. Please contribute or suggest any additions or corrections . accent = acento m. accidental = alteración f. amplifier = amplificador m. bar = compas m bar line = barra, linea divisoria … Continue reading

“Wave” as a blues. Reverse engineering Jobim’s classic.

Part One This is intended as a method of soloing over “Wave” by approaching it as a jazz blues instead of as a series of unrelated chords! For any instrument, not just bass! I played Jobim’s “Wave” many times before I realised that the A section is a jazz blues … Continue reading