Fodera Imperial Elite Bass

I bought this bass in 2013. We share the same birthday April 24. The odds against this are 365 – 1! Here is the info from the Fodera site.

What makes this Fodera bass particularly unique is that it is one of just several “Essence” basses that we built using no top woods. Sporting a Swamp Ash body and Northern Ash neck, with a Maple tone block, and Indian Rosewood fingerboard, this understated beauty has to be heard to be believed. Simple, stunning, and sonically powerful, all qualities that truly are the essence of Fodera.
This wonderful Imperial 5 Elite features an Ash body, Maple tone block, and an Indian Rosewood fingerboard. Tonally, this instrument has a powerful, punchy tone with a super warm and deep low end and great clarity! Another key feature of this bass is the Ash neck, which adds a bit of extra warmth and “snap” to the tonal palate. It also happens to look fantastic!
Specs for the Imperial 5 Elite:

2009 Fodera Imperial Elite Essence .

2009 Fodera Imperial Elite Essence .

Body Woods
Ash Body
Maple Tone Block
No Topwood (Solid Ash Body)
Neck Woods
Indian Rosewood Fingerboard
3-pc. Ash
Blank Inlays
Construction Specs
Birth Date – April 24 2009
Neck-Through Construction
34″ Scale Length
5 String Configuration (19.0mm Spacing)
24 Frets (Large)
Electronics Options
Fodera / Pope Custom 3-Band Preamp
Fodera / Duncan Dual Coils
Matt Garrison Control Lay

Sam Mitchell


Sam Mitchell “The Art of Bottleneck Guitar” Guitar Artistry 1997, recorded 1978 Kicking Mule
A compilation of two Sam Mitchell albums, featuring Charlie Musselwhite. Sam is one of the best acoustic and electric bottleneck players I have ever heard. Also a mean blues mandolin player. For a while we played around London with a blues power trio with Mickey Waller or Jeff Rich on drums. A couple of times I thought we would literally bring the house down. Sammy sadly passed away in 2005  listen – “Baby Let Me Follow You Down” ” Hellhound On My Trail”
A tribute to Sam Mitchell



Sam Mitchell “Follow You Down” 1978

Manfred Mann Chapter 3 Volume 1



Manfred Mann Chapter 3 Volume 1 1969

This  jazz rock album received a 5 star review in Downbeat magazine when it was released. The band toured the US in 1970 playing at Fillmore East & Fillmore West. At Fillmore West we shared the bill with The Steve Miller band and Janis Joplin’s reunion with Big Brother & the Holding Company. It was my first visit to the US.


Isaac Guillory

This is a compilation of some of the UK’s finest acoustic guitarists from the Transatlantic catalogue. I played with Isaac Guillory and drummer Tony Hicks on this CD. The tracks were originally released on an album called “Guitar Workshop”. Tony and I did a lot of live work with Isaac in the 70’s & 80’s playing a kind of folk/jazz fusion.  



Isaac Guillory “Folk Roots” 1978

Dr. John ” The Sun , Moon & Herbs”


Dr John “The Sun,Moon & Herbs” 2002 Wounded Bird Records.  1971 Atlantic Records

I was fortunate to be a part of Dr John’s London sessions for “The Sun. Moon & Herbs” Atlantic album. This was originally meant to be a triple album. I played an acoustic bass guitar from the mid 1800’s, fretted to the 12th fret. It is also on the Manfred Mann records, and on the first Vinegar Joe record. I sold it to an antique musical instrument store in London prior to moving to the US. It was getting too fragile to travel . I owned it from 1969 to 1981, and have never again seen anything like it. We originally recorded about an hour of acoustic material with Eric Clapton on 12 string, Mac (Dr John) on piano, Freddy Staehle on drums, and most of the other musicians who were at the sessions. Mac told me in 1982 that he was trying to locate those tapes. We also recorded a version of “When the Battle Is Over” for Shirley Goodman of Shirley & Lee (“Let The Good Times Roll”) . Carl Radle & Michael Henderson, both great bassists, also played on these sessions

Dr John “Sun, Moon & Herbs” 1971



Elkie Brooks “Two Days Away”

1976 – Elkie Brooks – “Two Days Away”  One of my favourite albums. Working with producers Lieber & Stoller was a privilege and a pleasure. Ditto for Trevor Morais, one of my favourite drummers This album included “Pearl’s A Singer” and “Sunshine After The Rain” which were major UK hits.

It is a shame that this album has only been released as a double set with “Pearls” which itself is a compilation, and that this is now out of print.


Elkie Brooks “Two Days Away” Lieber & Stoller 1977

Charlie Musselwhite

“The Harmonica According To Charlie Musselwhite”.
This is a CD reissue of an album recorded for Kicking Mule and produced by Stefan Grossman in 1977.Guitarist Sammy Mitchell, drummer Jeff Rich and myself were booked for 3 days to record basic tracks. Charlie’s tracks were done in a day and a half: mostly first takes with no rehearsal. The other day and a half were spent on an album for Sammy on which Charlie guested. The tracks were recorded in an old church. When Charlie got back to the US he commented that recording in England was like “playing in someone’s garage”. Our directions from Charlie were “play with a blues feel” and “when I put my finger up we end the tune”. This made things easy. Charlie is a very warm person and this comes across in his playing. I used an Alembic Series One bass for these sessions.


The Harmonica According To Charlie Musselwhite 1978

Arthur Brown “Dance”

Arthur was always fun to work with. Drummer Charlie Charles , percussionist Eddie Edwards  and vocalist Aliki Ashman from Casablanca also played on the album. This album has been reissued  as a CD in Europe .I don’t think the CD was released. I think it escaped and went into hiding, as I have not been able to find a copy for myself.


Arthur Brown “Dance” 1978