Play something original from your heart!

Youtube is swamped with videos of bassists playing along with recordings. Most of the performances are very good, meticulously copying the original bass parts,

But why? Who is this meant to impress but other bassists?

I started playing professionally over 50 years ago and had what I regard as a moderately successfull career , playing on many major label recordings and a few hits including a couple of gold and paltinum albums.

I tried from the start not to copy anyone and to try and come up with original ideas. I was influenced by some other bassists but I don’t think I could have copied them if I tried! Way too boring!

My playing got noticed in the London clubs and I was recording with major label bands and getting calls for sessions from the age of 19. Over the years some of my original bass lines have earned me writing credits and I have a modest royalty income in my old age.

What are you expecting to achieve by posting cover material? As a bandleader / MD I would not hire you on the strength of that. A few minutes of an unaccompanied original groove would be more likely to get my attention!

The point of this article is to encourage bassists and all musicians to stop posting videos of copy cat covers and to start using their time and energy to play something original and from the heart, no matter what

Thanks for paying attention to an old man!

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One Response to Play something original from your heart!

  1. Dino Coccia says:

    Damn right my man! The one main attitude I have is musicians who copy note for note or beat for beat – dull repetitive uncreative slop for the unimaginative mind. The very reason you were booked on sessions is because producers & other musicians knew you could come up with something original & inspirational. Bring it to life – unless you’re content playing in a top 40 covers band or a precious roots band that want to sound just like the original guys way back in the 50s, but never really can. Daft – use good influences that make you then come up with your own take on things. From Jamie Jameson to Ringo – these guys stuck to being original.

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