Ringo Starr & Carl Groszman

Carl Groszman In 1978 I spent a week at Tittenhurst Park recording an album with singer / songwriter Carl Groszman. Tittenhurst Park was John Lennon´s former estate , now owned by Ringo Starr. Carl had written some hits and was recording for Ringo´s label. There were some top session players involved. The core rhythm section, including myself, stayed there for most of the week. We spent one day trying to record a track with a famous drummer from a top rock band who couldn´t keep time. The next day I was told that Ringo wanted to play on the song. He had not played for a few years. His gofer took Ringo´s kit out of storage and set it up. He asked Ringo ” Do you need sticks?” Ringo ” Yes” ” OK I´ll run out and get some. What do you use?” ” Ringo ” Well, I used to use Ringo Starrs but they don´t make them any more!”

When Ringo hit the drums the Beatles drum sound was right there! He put the song right in the pocket and we recorded it in a couple of takes. He later recorded and sang the song in LA and had a hit with it . It was ” A Dose Of Rock & Roll”. Ringo decided to fold his record label and the album was never released.

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