Graham Bond “Holy Majick”

When Dr John arrived in London there was a drought. He had the reputation of being connected with voodoo and that it always rained when he performed. Sure enough it started raining heavily during our first session at London’s Trident studio. A few months later I went to Trident to record with Graham. Graham decided that he would also make it rain as both he and Dr John were Scorpios ( a water sign). He started an incantation with his eyes shut holding a chalice in front of him. Musician Victor Brox thought that Graham was offering him a drink and took a drink from the cup which contained perfume! He flailed his arms and knocked over a candle which set fire to the studio wall! So Graham actually managed to conjure up fire instead of water. I told Dr John this story over dinner at his house in New York in 1984. He was doubled over laughing! For me the sessions were a disaster. Graham set us up on four sides of the room according to the elements of our Zodiac sign. I should have been next to drummer Keith Bailey as we are both earth signs (Taurus & Virgo). Instead Graham had us at opposite sides no matter how we tried to correct him. I had a raging ulcerated tooth coming on. I had to pull out after the first sessions there was no way I could play or wear headphones!

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